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The Standard 
Of Liberty

A Blog by Benjamin Pace
aka the flag lady's son

What do you think about when you hear the word liberty?  Now, take a moment to really ponder upon liberty; what does it personally mean to you?  The funny thing about words is that they are simply symbols; symbols we use to express our thoughts and feelings.  Even though we may use a word whose general meaning is agreed upon, deep down our individual thoughts and feelings associated with that word vary from one degree to another. Take, for instance, the word home;  we all know what a home is and understand what someone means when they talk about their home; however, our individual experiences define us so uniquely to where one person’s thoughts of home may be completely different from another’s.  One may think of home as a place of peace and comfort, while another may think of it as somewhere filled with contention and strife.  Even siblings who grew up in the exact same house may think of their childhood homes differently.  


The same thing is true for the word family.  Now, everyone's families will always be a bit unique, but what if there was a way in which each of us could search within ourselves and find our thoughts of family as being wholesome, happy, and full of love?  Such a way does exist, and is outlined in, “The Family A Proclamation To The World.”  In that proclamation, it declares that “the family is ordained of God...and is central to the Creator’s plan for the eternal destiny of His children”.  You might say that God is the author of the family, and as such wants our thoughts of families to be like His.


God has described His ideas of a family, and has shown us how our thoughts of family can be like His thoughts of family.  If God has shown us what his standard of a family is, do you think it might also be possible for him to have shown us what his standard of a home is?  After all, a family needs somewhere to live.  Consider the line from the song “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee,” “Our fathers’ God, to thee, Author of liberty...”  Just like the family; liberty, and the entire concept thereof was established by God. And really, what is liberty, but a description of a place in which one might live, a home. 


Think back to your personal thoughts on liberty; how similar do you think they are to our creator’s view of an ideal home for his children?  The purpose of this blog is to explore what God has said about liberty, so that we might change our thoughts of liberty to be more like his thoughts of liberty.

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